Tile Commissions

While all of my work has a gallery price, I know that those costs do not fit into everyone’s budget. My priority is to make work that is appreciated, which means that it must be on view, whether it’s in your home, a local business or a nearby gallery. Therefore, I have worked out a pricing system that makes the time that I put into creating each piece equal in value to your time.
Starting with a flat, base cost which covers materials and kiln firings, every two square inches thereafter will equal the value of your (the commissioners’) hourly wage. Frames and finishing then vary in price at a flat rate. Start out by browsing tiles to get an idea of what exactly you are looking for, consider finishing details, and then contact me directly about an order. Orders are not finalized until the final price is agreed upon, and payments will be collected upon completion of the work. Shipping prices vary.



Tile rates begin at a flat $30 to cover kiln firings.

Custom pricing for custom tiles is available for all tile commissions. Every 2” x 2” of the ceramic tile will be equal to one hour’s pay (before taxes) of the commissioner, up to the gallery price.

*This formula is for personal tiles only. If you are looking for a commercial commission or do not have a standard, hourly rate, please contact me directly.


Clay Variations

Choose from a wide array of natural clay colors currently available in my studio, or ask about new colors.

Current clay options include porcelain, stoneware and earthenware and vary in color from whites to reds, browns and black. If you’re looking for something more colorful, contact me directly, and I will look into the timing and availability of working with additional materials.


Finishing touches

Tiles can be finished in a wide-variety of ways, from an array of custom wooden frames to simple wall cleats or hanging wires.

This decision is sometimes more easily made once a tile is finished. Don’t hesitate to decide now if you know exactly what you want or to take your time making the right decision.

Consider the way that you would like your tile finished, and contact me with any questions or specific requests.

Restrictions & Disclaimer

Due to the size of my studio kiln, tiles cannot exceed 15 inches in any direction. If a larger piece is desired, consider requesting multiple tiles or ordering a frame that makes the final piece larger.

Prices indicated on this web page are for standard tiles. However, under the circumstance that a more complicated or larger order be requested, prices may vary. All price discrepancies will be determined prior to finalizing an order.