My practice is a reflection on the power of the natural world. My inspirations are natural adaptation over time and the cause and effect of innate movement—both upon and within itself. Through observation and interaction, I note how my inspirations parallel aspects of my life through transitional moments, bringing an awareness of my actions and their effects on the world around me.
       The time that I put into creating a piece is as important to me as the time that it exists. Natural occurrences such as the changing position of the sun in the sky alter the work's appearance and create unique and unrepeatable experiences. Working with unfired clay, I build site-specific installations, and as the clay dries, it shrinks. The constant movement of the sun and the clay mirror the changes that we see around us daily, and natural properties of clay speak directly to the fluctuating world around us. While using clay, I place my trust in the material, knowing that how it reacts will—at its core—speak more perfectly to the concepts of time, movement and transition than anything that I could create entirely myself.
       Reflecting on the power of the natural world, I create work to parallel the idea of a temporal beauty, encouraging an appreciation for what exists in the brief time that it does. Ultimately, I seek a sense of harmony from the parallels of my work and my own life: existing briefly but leaving an impact. My work is about my experience, your experience and how we all grow, change and adapt as the things around us do the same.