Offset Flow

Offset Flow is a series developed as a response to my large scale installation, Coriolis. While Coriolis is in constant motion, drying under the sun day in and day out, I see my fired, Offset Flow tiles as the permanent description of what is happening in Coriolis. Named to describe a counterbalance to something in perpetual motion, the visual movement of the tiles acts as a reminder of the constantly changing world around us, perpetually affecting us and our environment. Suggesting ephemerality, Offset Flow acts as a reminder of the constant fluctuation within our environments and the small role that we take in the balance of our ever-changing world.

Offset Flow tiles are each custom built, mounted and framed in a variety of sizes and clays from porcelain to earthenware. Framing wood may also vary per request. Please contact me with any questions or orders.

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