What Was Is Still

Everything in the universe exists in relation to time. Time defines history and marks the future, yet the only time that humans can truly observe is now. ‘Now', however, is timeless. Every potential moment throughout our lives exists only for those who are present. Time--any moment in time--experienced by each person is time that will forever exist in the memory of the universe. It is therefore exceptionally important to take time to recognize the moments which provide truly profound experiences.

What Was Is Still reflects on what still exists after something is gone. Through this work, I question the dynamics between permanence and impermanence. A circle can be seen as a literal residue of what was once there or as a metaphor for the cycle of life. The permanence of each fired, hand-pinched piece within the circle shifts as the pieces are broken and dispersed; they will never be gone, though the object itself may never be experienced again.


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