Pinch Pots

A person does not need to gain physical possessions in order to accumulate, and accumulation is not simply a growing mass of physical objects. Accumulation, as a part of life, is the involuntary circumstance that every event, experience and moment contributes to a lifelong collection of experiences within each of us. We are accumulation. We are the collection of all that has ever existed within our lives, and without those events, we cannot exist fully as ourselves.

I pick up a ball of clay, fit it between my fingers, and I pinch. I twist the pot in my hand as it opens and expands, and then I begin again. By repeating this simple act, I clear my mind. My mind opens, along with the pinch pot, and thoughts and ideas flow freely as I continue the healing, physical exercise. Each pinch pot becomes an unlidded container for these thoughts, accumulating as my thoughts do the same.


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