Light represents many different things, including the time of day, a passing moment or an ethereal event. Because of the power of light, we have visual experiences that offer transportation to a different time and place both mentally and emotionally. Light can be healing, and the lack of light can be draining. Without light, we cannot understand what darkness is, nor shape, volume or texture. Light exposes the shadows. The shifting shadows are there to remind us of the procession of the Earth and the passage of time, and that every minute is a new, irretrievable experience.

Integuments is about what exists in emptiness, in the vacancy of something gone. Light fills each piece, and the colors and shadows shift throughout the day. Once something is gone, it continues to exist in our memories, in images and through their influence on us. In Integuments, the light (or lack thereof) represents that which is left, filling the otherwise vacant space of the displayed hulls, changing each moment throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.


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