Endured; Shed; Endure

Endurance yields to growth. Endurance is pushing beyond one’s capabilities only to realize a new field of potential. The span of one lifetime can be condensed into a feat of endurance: Excitement, determination, fear, suffering, overcoming, stamina and relief. Endurance takes pacing and strategy, but it also takes a certain level of naivety. It’s easier to endure a feat when you cannot fully anticipate the course.

Metaphors are the way that we are able to articulate and understand our experiences. By gathering metaphorical objects and assembling them, I created a circulating conversation revolving around the idea of time and endurance. The sage, collected over the course of 165 miles, gently falls to the ground as the sand plinth gradually dries beneath the weight of the ring of antlers. Each item either has endured, represents endurance or is currently enduring, though the work seeks stillness.


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